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Thoughts on training.

We were never given an instruction manual for our bodies. We need to make one and learn how to use it.
— AL
  1. I feel the best way to service someone is by putting them first, nothing else.

  2. I believe we can learn more by learning from every therapy modality and every movement practice. I want to be a melting pot of both new and old training techniques.

  3. If you want performance, ascetic, or longevity you must start with the fundamentals, other wise you just break.

  4. I think coaching is an art form. Most problems can be resolved through abstract thinking then, the shifting, sculpting and aligning of people’s bodies and minds.

  5. Training a clients brain and nervous system may be more important than their muscles.

  6. My job is done when people feel in control of their body. I want my clients to feel confident and competent. I want them to become re-acquainted with their body.

  7. Stability is really important. And learning how to activate/ engage/ contract your muscles functionally is also really important.




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