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Thoughts on training.

We were never given an instruction manual for our bodies. We need to make one and learn how to use it.
— AL
  1. I feel the best way to service someone is by putting them first, nothing else.

  2. I believe we can learn more by learning from every therapy modality and every movement practice.

  3. If you want performance, ascetic, or longevity you must start with fundamentals.

  4. I think coaching is an art form. Yes, use science, use evaluation tools, use on field experience but most problems can’t be solved by using a textbook.

“Start with the basics- If you don’t have a foundation, everything crumbles.”

“Do you know how to breath, stand, walk?“

“I believe coaching is an art form. With the proper coaching you can shape, mold and enhance the body.”

“Ask why… a lot.”

“Everyone’s bodies are built and move differently. Let’s find your optimal training program.”

“Joints are unhappy because the muscles around them are de-conditioned- tight and/or weak. We should talk more about stability.”

“To me, fitness is when a client feels both confidence and competency with their body.”

“Training sessions are important, but what you do with the other 23 hours are even more important.”

“We must earn the right to use our bodies. I think that most people have good intentions but, they just do not know how to engage their muscles nor do they understand what is sound movement.”




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