Andrew Laux, Founder

Jeff Leventhal, Advisor

Images provided by Patken Photography.


Andrew Laux was born and raised in Long Island, NY. Attended Washington College where he played varsity tennis and received his BA in Psychology. After graduating, Andrew continued his studies and received his MA in Psychology. While working toward his graduate degree Andrew was the Assistant Director of the Johnson Fitness Center, strength and conditioning coach and adjunct professor at Washington College.

After Andrew's career at Washington college Andrew moved back to NY to work with the former strength coach of NY Yankees at his private performance facility, ML Strength.

Although hired as a performance coach Andrew soon started to manage and operate ML Strength, White Plains. Fast forward and Andrew helped manage, operate and open 3 additional ML Strength locations in Long Island.

Now Andrew is following his own mission by managing and operating his own one-on-one mobile training experience known as ABLE. 


The able method-

As a collegiate athlete and coach, Andrew became frustrated by how hard it is to become better in an industry that over-complicates, over-hypes and manipulates to make an extra buck.

Through his experiences he realized that the real missing link between setting goals and achieving them were if you had the right skills.

Andrew believes that this  is what prevents so many individuals and athletes from reaching their goals. 

Simplifying the approach to health, fitness and performance Andrew saw a big opportunity to really help people. So, ABLE was born and is built upon the foundation of  simplifying proven concepts (science and experience supported) and executing them in a progressive and tailored manner.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get into the best shape of your life, help fix nagging aches and pains or get drafted into the MLB, ABLE will ensure you get there.


Move like you mean it.