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Live from the studio

Live from the studio


Andrew Laux

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Washington College while playing varsity tennis and shadowing the Director of the Johnson Fitness Center. After graduation I became Washington College’s Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Director of the Johnson Fitness Center while completing my Master’s Degree in Psychology.

I balanced my day job and school work with creative work. Working at bike shops and exploring creative projects like T-shirt and logo design. There was an inherit love for form and function. The human body became the perfect medium.

Eventually, I grew eager to try something new.

One part curiosity, another part luck, I met and worked alongside former NY Yankees Strength and Conditioning Coach. Together we grew a boutique performance gym to four locations across Long Island and the Greater NY area.

Starting my own business, ABLE coaching was a natural progression as my obsession with movement grew. I am obsessed by the body and how it should move. Another thing that keeps me going is trying to answer the question “What is the best training system for the active modern adult?” My curiosity has also driven me to creative projects like ableboxes, massage/ stretching in a box, and, a health and fitness website that helped consumers select better content.

My creative approach—no matter the client—is to find points of tension behind client goals and their needs. I love the challenge of figuring out why someone is not accomplishing their goals.

Over the years I have found that by allowing myself to be more creative I can expedite a clients results (while they weren’t able to achieve results otherwise). Every session should become an iteration, a step toward progress.

All artist have inspiration. My methods are inspired by the training systems of the world: Biological Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Iyengar Yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Self-myofascial Release Technique.

ABLE coaching is a creative melting pot of training methods with the mission of unlocking human potential.

Let’s train ABLE.




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